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Internal training

Internal training


On the job training in May 2021

  In order to improve the quality of employees, stimulate their potential, improve their work performance, establish a learning team, enable employees to obtain the knowledge, skills and attitude required by the development of the company, realize the unity of personal development and the needs of the company, and grow together with the company. Such as induction training, post knowledge training, etc

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Green Belt

TPM connotation, objectives, specific practices, njf on am and PM system 1
Basic statistics training Understand probability, sample, population, mean value, standard deviation, data type, middle trend & dispersion trend, draw interpretation box chart and PGA thinking process 1
5S and standardization 5S management requirements, 5S scoring rules and evaluation methods of the company (based on reward and punishment management measures); Construction standard of model area; The logical relationship of SOS, Jes and tis operation instructions of forging company, and the function and significance of standardized operation
14 principles of Toyota Management Content and significance of 14 principles of Toyota Management


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