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Digital chemical plant


Digital chemical plant


  Nanjing Automobile Forging Co., Ltd. focuses on intelligent manufacturing, builds a digital chemical plant and builds the core competitiveness of the enterprise. In 2013, NAC forging started information construction and introduced ERP enterprise resource management system; OA office collaboration system was introduced in 2017; Introduce PDM Product data management system in 2018; MES manufacturing execution system was introduced in 2019. In 2020, the company promoted the planning of integration of industrialization and industrialization and intelligent manufacturing, accelerated the implementation of factory automation and information construction, continued to promote the improvement of the company's operation, and the digital chemical plant began to take shape.

  Focusing on "deep integration and Deepening Application", NAC forging aims to build an information platform guarantee for intelligent and agile management, takes the advanced and standardized intelligent system architecture management and cloud interconnection concept as the guide, and uses advanced technology to build a digital intelligent manufacturing ecosystem with digitized resources, networked applications, standardized processes and intelligent services, Promote the planning of the integration of industrialization and industrialization and intelligent manufacturing, steadily promote the automation transformation and the construction of MES system, the company's information and digital construction has entered a new stage of "integration, collaboration and sharing", and form an intelligent factory with resource sharing, collaborative operation, vertical and horizontal interconnection and intelligent guidance. In 2020, the company has passed the assessment of four-star cloud enterprises in Jiangsu Province and the review and acceptance of Jiangsu demonstration intelligent workshop. The company's information management and intelligent production are at the advanced level of the same industry in China.


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