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        Quality Control

              The company has sound product testing means as well as various advanced testing instruments such as metal analysis spectrometer of German SPECTRO, fluorescent magnetic inspection machine of German TIEDE, trilinear coordinates measuring instruments of Japan MITUTOYO and Hexagon, hydraulic universal testing machine and semi-automatic shock testing machine of Jinan Kehui Testing Equipment Company, heating temperature separator of USA RAYTEK and metallurgical microscope, medium performance detector, kinematic viscosity measuring machine, roughmeter and hardness testing machine of Japan OLYMPUS.


              The company passed ISO9002 Quality Management System certification in 1997, upgraded ISO9001:2000 certification in February 2003, ISO/TS16949:2002 Quality Management System certification in August 2005, “Metrological Assurance Confirmation Norm for Enterprises in Jiangsu Province” certification in August 2005, and GB/T28001-2001 Occupation Health Safety Management System certification and GB/T24001-2004-ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System certification in November 2006. The company got the approval of UK Lloyd's Register of Shipping and Norway DNV in December 2006 and German Lloyd's Register of Shipping in January 2007. Furthermore, the company passed Caterpillar MQ11005 Copper-level Supplier Certification in November 2007 as well as Caterpillar MQ11005 silver-level Supplier Certification in August 2010, and it was awarded “Nanjing City Quality Prize” in April 2011.


              The company has a sound quality control system and can guarantee that all products produced or delivered to customers are up to standard by three strict inspection steps for materials, namely purchase inspection, process inspection and final inspection. In the production of forgings, a product tracking card, having such information as parts number, name of parts, material mark, material heat number, batch number, working procedures undergone, name of operator, name of quality controller, number and date of production, is stuck to every products, so that the traceability of products is guaranteed. By the method of setting up “6-σ” groups, the company keeps improving process and quality of forgings so as to guarantee that all requirements of customers can be met.