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        Campus Recruitment:


           1.Recruitment Process

                 Submit job resume→ initial pick→ interview and test about technology and skill →intensified training→ sign internship agreement, come to one’s position and start internship.


           2.Training Program for Fresh Graduates

                 a.All fresh graduates must receive training in frontline positions so as to complete a certain working item or learn a certain working skill. By training on special positions, fresh graduates receive real position training;

                 b.The company has a helping plan of “senior employees helping fresh employees”. After assembly training, each fresh graduate will get an excellent senior employee as an advisor to help him well know the position;

                 c.The internship for fresh employees is 10 months. The internship for those who are approved to be quite excellent is 6 months. After the helping plan, the HR department will appraise each fresh graduate and set up a long-term development program for each fresh graduate;

                 d.The company adopts the promotion mechanism - internal training and promotion and encourages fresh graduates to establish a long-term strategic development relationship with the company.


           3.Recruitment Requirement

                 a.Before submitting the job resume, the applicant should carefully read and fully understand the “Annual Campus Recruitment Plan of Nanjing Automotive Forging Co., Ltd.” and browses the website of the company ( or other related websites to get useful information about the company. We hope every applicant can fully know about the company before submitting the job resume;

                 b.Please select a position according to your major and occupational interest.


           4.Recruitment Method

                 We will release campus recruitment information or hold a recruitment talk on websites and BBS of related universities and colleges, please pay attention.


                Method for submitting job recruitment:

                a.Submit the job resume in an on-campus job fair;

                b.Send the job resume to by E-mail, please note “fresh graduate, name of school, education background, major, name and position” on the title of the mail; and in your mail, the applicant should note your information such as record history, social practice, politics status, foreign language aptitude, position in student union and specialties;

                c.Please mail copies of personal resume, recommendation form, school report, certificates of honor, etc. to HR department, Nanjing Automotive Forging Company, Xigang, Qixia District, Nanjing City, China (Postal Code: 210033)

        Please note “fresh graduate, name of school, education background, major, name and position” on the envelope.


        Social Recruitment:

              Release recruitment information→

              Receive job resumes, primarily screen applicants, make telephone interview→

              Determine a name list passing the telephone interview, book an interview→

              Check education background and data, make a written examination and an overall quality appraisal, determine a qualified name list→

              Make a professional skill and written examination, determine a qualified name list→

              Hold a re-examination, determine position and salary→

              Issue an admission letter, make physical examination for fresh employees→check data for fresh employees, go through related procedures.


        Talent Idea

              Leave talents by sincere emotion; attract talents by bright career; train talents by hard work; culture talents by effective study; motivate talents by a reasonable mechanism.