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        Career Channel:

              Nanjing Automotive dedicates itself to systematically building an occupational development channel, a development path and an occupational map, forging a talent training and development platform and pushing the talent development strategy to be achieved.


        Case: Four Channels and Six Levels


        For new employees, we don’t strictly divide development paths on management and specialty lines;

        After new employees master certain special skill and working experience, we set up different development paths on management and specialty lines according to the company’s development needs as well as their abilities and wills;

        The management posts are set according to executive management need of the company and limited, but the professional posts are not quantitatively limited in general; we encourage the majority of research and development personnel to develop on the specialty line;

        No matter management post or professional post, the treatment is the same on the same level, and the difference is only responsibility;

        The employees may change their posts between the management post and the professional post on the same level. What we consider is whether the employees are competent or not, but the treatment is not changed on the same level;

        This is the channel in which employees can be promoted or demoted; and according to the performance and competence on the post, the employees can be promoted or demoted.