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        Developing Situation and Trend of Technology on Forging Equipment


              1.Foreign Technology Situation

                 Automation: All hydraulic forging presses, manipulators and forging cranes used in a large-scale modern free forging workshop adopt coordinated control and realize complete mechanization, and by the installation of a size automatic measuring device for forgings, the NC linkage of hydraulic forging presses as well as automatic control of a heating furnace of a forging machine are realized. As for medium and small-scale free forging, the micro control between the press and the operational linkage is realized. The automatic programmed forming automatically programmed by a computer is also realized.

                 High Speed: Foreign forging factories all dedicate them to research on high-speed forging machinery; for CNC turret presses, the hydraulic main drive system of a control system is generally utilized to improve the number of stroke of the hydraulic press, so while seeking the high-speed processing, the auxiliary time is shortened as much as possible, and great technical economic benefits are achieved.


              2.Domestic Technology Situation

                 a.Forging equipment relatively falls behind, and the technological level is quite low;

                 b.The automated production technology relatively falls behind, and the efficiency of the manual production is quite low.


               3.Developing Trend of Domestic Technology

                 a.Automation and numerical control;

                 b.Large-scale multi-station pressure flexible punching;

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