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        Notes for Use of Punching Machine


                The punching machine has the characteristics of high speed and high pressure, so that the operator must pay attention to safety and comply with all safety regulations while operating the punching machine. The matters needing attention for punching machines are as follows:

               1.Transmission parts outside the punching machine, press and compression machine must be covered by a shield, and it is forbidden to start or test the machine while removing the shield;

               2.Before starting the machine, one should check whether main tightening screws are loose, moulds have cracks, operating mechanisms, automatic stop devices, clutches and brakes are normal and lubricating systems are blocked or insufficient of lubricant. If necessary, make a run-in test;

               3.While installing a mould, the sliding block must be moved to the lower dead point, the die height must be correct, the eccentric load must be avoided as much as possible, and the punching machine mould must be tightened and undergo the pressure test;

               4.While operating the machine, one must concentrate one’s attention, and it is forbidden to put hands and tools in a dangerous area; small workpieces must be operated by special tools; and when the mould is clamped by blanks, only special tools can be used to handle it;

               5.If the punching machine, press or compression machine is abnormally run or has abnormal sound, stop feeding materials, and find out the reason; and if the transmission parts are loosened, the operating device is out of work or the mould is loosened or damaged, immediately shut down the machine for repairing;

               6.After every workpiece is processed by the punching machine, hands or feet must leave the button or pedal so as to avoid maloperation;

               7.When two or more persons operate the punching machine, one person must be determined to be responsible for starting the machine, and pay attention to coordination and cooperation; and before they get off work, remove the mould, cut off the power and make a necessary cleaning.

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