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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

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  Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the driving force for an enterprise to grow. With the rapid development in recent years, the corporate culture construction of Nanjing Automobile Forging Co., Ltd. also keeps pace with the times. In order to further promote the construction of corporate culture of forging company, enhance corporate cohesion and enhance cultural appeal. In December 2019, after careful discussion and refinement from top to bottom, the company reinterpreted and released the company's vision, mission, values, corporate spirit and brand connotation“ "Power and fire, precision and sensitivity" has become the spiritual cornerstone rooted in the life of NAC forging. After refining the core concept of the company's new corporate culture, its content gives new corporate culture connotation to the development of the times. It not only condenses the efforts and wisdom of many people in the company, but also opens a new road of corporate culture construction.

  2021 is the first year of the "14th five year plan". Forging companies in the period of strategic opportunities practice corporate culture and implement corporate culture with corporate culture as the guide and Lean culture, quality culture and safety culture as the support. By compiling safety manual, conducting pilot selection of all staff quality star / safety star / improvement star / production star, promoting point exchange and reward mechanism, holding knowledge competition and other forms, we can implement corporate culture, promote employees' awareness of learning and mastering safety and quality knowledge, improve their own awareness and form an atmosphere of continuous improvement, Boost the realization of business objectives in the opening year.


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