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Promotion opportunities

Promotion opportunities

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  • Time of issue:2021-05-12 14:39:35
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  In order to encourage employees to learn management knowledge and professional knowledge, improve their personal core competitiveness and guide employees to realize value improvement through their own continuous efforts, the company provides employees with multiple career development channels, which are generally divided into three sequences: management channel, professional technology channel and compound high skill channel.

  (1) The management channel personnel mainly include: personnel in human resource management, administrative management, Party mass management, project management, safety management, financial management, marketing, procurement management, it management, quality management, equipment management, logistics management, tooling management, production management, on-site support and other management fields.

  (2) Professional technical channel personnel mainly include: personnel in professional technical fields such as product R & D, product process, equipment technology, quality technology, it technology and NC programming.

  (3) The personnel of compound high skill channel mainly include personnel in production fields such as mechanical / electrical maintenance, mold repair, mold welding, NC machining and so on.


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